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Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter

A global initiative on marine pollution by the plastics industry

Marine waste has many different origins. That's why the global plastics industry signed a "Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter" at the 5th international conference on the issue in March 2011.


The declaration is signed by 57 plastics associations from around the world and lists more than 140 projects to combat marine litter. More than half of these projects are in Europe and target litter from land, the source of an estimated 80% of all marine litter. It defines a set of clear goals for the industry's action and recommends close cooperation with a wide range of players to significantly reduce damage to the marine environment.


In a 6-point strategy defined in the Declaration, the industry pledges to:

  • Work in government-business partnerships to prevent marine litter;
  • Work with the scientific community to understand more fully the scale, origins and impact of marine litter, as well as the solutions;
  • Promote the definition of science-based global policies, as well as better application of existing laws to prevent marine litter;
  • Promote best practices for waste management, particularly in coastal regions;
  • Increase recycling and energy recovery possibilities for plastics;
  • Control the transport and distribution of plastic pellets and products and promote best practices throughout the logistics chain.

The Declaration's French signatories are ELIPSO, PlasticsEurope and Fédération de la Plasturgie, representing plastic and flexible packaging manufacturers, plastics producers and plastics converters, respectively.