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The plastic and flexible packaging industry is subject to many regulations.

These are increasingly set down at European or even international level and, as the case may be, transposed into the law of every Member State.


A European directive has to be transposed into France, whereas European regulations are applicable directly without transposition.

The regulatory route is now favoured by the European Commission in most safety-related areas.

Resolutions with almost regulatory value also play an important role, particularly for materials in contact with food. For example, A Council of Europe resolution such as AP (2005) 2 on printing inks does not have a strictly regulatory scope but will will often be referred to in the absence of any regulatory texts on the subject.

Extensive standardisation work completes the picture, on national (AFNOR in France), and European (European Committee for Standardisation - CEN) and international (International Standards Organization - ISO) levels.


ELIPSO takes part in several French or European standardisation workgroups, in some cases as leader.

The main regulation/standarsisation areas for packaging are the following: