Elipso's members are plastic packaging and flexible packaging producers, recycling companies and logistics firms.

How Elipso works

  • Real-time communication between Elipso and its members (via an extranet) gives members access to sorted, relevant, updated and exclusive information.
  • A customised question & answer service is provided to correspondents in member companies on the issues covered.
  • Commissions are organised by topic to inform members and define common policy.
  • A Board of Directors and Annual Meeting are Elipso's executive bodies, chaired by an elected member of the Board. A standing team handles the organisation's day-to-day operations and management.


  • Extranet (member access)
  • Website
  • Brochures
  • "FUTURS"magazine
  • Regular press relations (press releases, conferences, etc.)
  • Conferences (on several topics at seminars, shows, etc.).

An operating service at the network's centre: the packaging chain

Elipso is a member or partner in many French and European bodies in the packaging, environmental management and standardisation fields, etc.

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CLIFE (French packaging industries liaison committee) - www.clife.fr
ACDV (Association Chimie du vegetal) - www.chimieduvegetal.com 

CNE (national packaging council) - www.conseil-emballage.org
BNPP (plastic product standardisation office) - www.laplasturgie.fr/bnpp.php
AFNOR (French standards office) - www.afnor.org
PlasticsEurope France - www.plasticseurope.org

<!--[endif]-->International Technical Centre for Bottling and related Packaging) - www.cetie.org


For the post-use management of household plastic packaging, ELIPSO is a shareholder in Valorplast; for end-of-life industrial and commercial packaging, the relevant producers are active in ECOFUT, Eco PSE and Recyfilm.