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Optimum Cup / CGL Pack

An adjustable tray & lid concept that showcases contents

A food tray with lid designed by CGL Pack: patented system combining a cardboard case and
a thermoformed tray mainly dedicated to hot or cold products. The advantage of this
packaging lies in the fact that the thickness of both materials (carton + plastic) has been
reduced. It is an environmentally friendly packaging solution which is easy to recycle thanks
to its two entirely separate components (no glue to fix the cardboard on the tray). It comes
in several sizes and materials: either PP or rPET (recycled PET).

© Elipso 2017
Standipack / Guillin Emballages

A stock container optimised for logistics

Standipack, the latest standard range from Guillin Emballages destined for export, is an
accomplished example of eco-design. The 100% recyclable containers are made from a single
material (crystal OPS) and their weight has been reduced to the minimum. Designed for
optimum stacking, they are compatible with standard crates for efficient transport and
logistics. With wide lids, the containers give the food a transparent showcase, can be closed
with one hand and are perfectly watertight.

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Cryovac BDF® Soft / Sealed Air Cryovac


A plate of Charolais Carpaccio, just like in the restaurant

Puigrenier selected Cryovac BDF® Soft for the launch of the 1st Charolais beef Carpaccio
presented in a format designed to make the transfer to a plate easy and convenient. The
new generation of anti-fog, shrink barrier film has an easy opening feature and Puigrenier
has combined it on a round foam tray, a rarity in French butchery. Consumers simply remove
the easy-to-open cover of the tray, turn the top layer of protected meat over on to a plate,
swiftly remove the second layer of film and dress the carpaccio with the sauce provided into
the pack.

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ClusterTM / Sidel


PET bottles suited to every product, size and shape

Sidel has launched a new range of bottle and bundle designs that meet the current needs of
the packaging industry and beverage makers. Style, sales appeal and optimal quality and
safety make sustainable, profitable production processes possible. The range is comprised of
4 packaging solutions: ClusterTM (fruit from the tree) and DailyDoseTM (everyday health)
bottles, and ModulomoldTM (productivity and sales appeal) and FreeShape technologies for
greater freedom of sensitive beverage bottle shapes.

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A bag on the borders of packaging – an example of reuse…

The Handy Bag Expert planting sheet is ideal for repotting plants with no mess. Thanks to its
great strength, the planting sheet is reusable, washable, foldable and can be stored away
between uses. This near-bag has robust handles that can carry up to 25 Kg due to its strong
woven plastic fibres, which also resist tears and damp.