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Packaging's simplicity and functionality can conceal the complexity of its design.
Behind a commonplace appearance, plastic and flexible packaging holds a wealth of technology.

R&D is an essential function serving product and user alike. It plays a role from the design phase onwards. This may entail one of two approaches, depending on whether the packaging manufacturer designs a stock product or a specific solution at the customer's request.

From design and processes to materials and graphics, R&D is everywhere to ensure packaging fulfils its many functions and roles.


Inventive R&D in 5 main areas

> Comfort and convenience - attentiveness to customers
Handling, consumer movements / Easy openness and closing / Hinges / In-pack cooking...

> Eco-design - factoring in environmental values

Reduction at source: weight saving while maintaining functionalities / Recyclability / Limitation of number of different materials in the same packaging

> Technologies - a solution for every use
Barrier materials (to oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) / Filling in protective atmosphere / Tamper-proof seal / Container-content compatibility / Anti-static properties / Chosen additives: optimised materials / Clip-on, snap-on, thermosealing, etc: efficiency and imagination / Anti-fog systems / In-mold labelling / Inclusion of  biocides

> Marketing - constant creativity

Packaging attractiveness: design, colours, feel, etc. / On-shelf effectiveness: "ready-to-sell" packaging, visibility

> Safety - involvement in every stage

Protection against thermal or physical shocks / Air-tightness solutions / Hazardous products: child-proof systems, packaging suitedn to transport, etc. / Manufacturing hygiene: optimised shapes and materials / Product traceability

Examples :


Recent examples of innovations were published in the last issue of "FUTURS".


The main avenues are better product protection and use, greater consumer safety and environment-friendliness.


This innovative packaging is intended for the food industry, the beauty and cosmetics industry, the retail industry...


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