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Manufacturers of plastic and flexible packaging intended for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets work in hygiene conditions that meet the product's demands. Their constant concern is to make sure the packaging has no physical, chemical or biological contamination.


Companies comply with hygiene rules by referring to the "Guide to best hygiene practices for plastic packaging and laminate flexible packaging for food use" drawn up by CSEMP and UNITES (which have since become ELIPSO).


The Guide enables users to:

  • Meet the expectations of the food industry,
  • Manage the hygiene quality of packaging,
  • Apply principles inspired by the HACCP* method in accordance with the practices of packaging-using customers.

It contains:

  • The general hygiene provisions that help to create the motivation and state of mind to prevent a large number of risks.
  • Specific hygiene provisions, in order to manage the potential risks related to manufacturing processes for hygiene before its final use, based on a HACCP* study.


Beauty sector companies comply with the rules in the "Guide to best hygiene practices for manufacturers of plastic packaging for the beauty sector" drawn up by CSEMP (now ELIPSO).


* HACCP - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point: preventive management system designed to guarantee food safety. It identifies potential dangers (any biological, chemical or physical property that affects food safety) and specifies the measures needed to control them.


To download the presentation brochure for the "Guide to best hygiene practices," (in French) click here


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