This section is still in progress. Here are some initial items:


- Materials: Abbreviations, properties and applications in packaging are described in the "Materials" section.


- Manufacturing processes: All processes and their applications are described in the "Processes" section.


- Graphics: All the graphic techniques used are described in the "Graphics" section.


- The packaging types used in each customer sector of plastic and flexible packaging are listed in the "User sectors" section and its sub-sections (Food Industry, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Health, Industry & Retailing, etc.).



Some packaging definitions:


Drum: Packaging with capacity of 2-20 litres, a handle and an opening.


Container: Packaging with capacity of 500-1,200 litres, mounted on a wooden, metal or plastic pallet.


Barrel: Packaging with two openings, usually 2'' and 3/4'' or two 2'' openings.


Barrel with handling ring: Packaging with a protruding edge and an appropriate shape for handing with an automatic clamping system. Ring drums usually have capacity of at least 120L.


Total opening drum: Packaging of which the upper half is fitted with a lid that is almost identical to its diameter.


IBC: Intermediate Bulk Container.


Jerrycan: Rectangular packaging with an opening.


Bucket: Total opening, injected, trunk-shaped packaging with a lid and a ring handle.

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