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ELIPSO's active partnership on food packaging exhibition at CNAM

Covering 150 m², the exhibition "Food Packaging Innovation - It's in the Can" is set to run for five years with the primary aim of an enjoyable, informative experience for the expected 250,000 annual visitors.

"Packaging isn't waste. It is useful in several ways: protecting, keeping and carrying,"
explains Nathalie Machetot, one of the exhibition's curators. "We wanted to keep it simple and easy to grasp" for an audience mostly made up consumers, children, families and school groups.

One of Elipso's fundamental goals is to promote unique know-how in the development of innovative packaging for the conservation and marketing of food, while protecting the environment and consumer safety. So it was a logical step to join up with CNAM, the French national arts & crafts museum, to show the general public see all the features of the packaging solutions produced by the sector's manufacturers, from eco-design through to end-of-life processing. The exhibition will run for 5 years.


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