Actions on industrial sites

Industrial units that make and print packaging come under the ICPE framework for environmentally classified facilities in France. Elipso’s members implement the best available techniques to reduce their activity’s environmental impact, actively monitor this field and keep up regular contacts with local environment, planning and housing authorities (DREAL, DEAL or DREE).

In 2012, 70% of Elipso’s members had set up or were working to set up an on-site environmental management system.

Actions on energy, water and air emissions

Plastic & flexible packaging manufacturers have long been working to reduce their energy, electricity and heat consumption. As of 2012, 85% of Elipso’s members have set up at least one action to reduce their consumption.

Conversion processes use water, particularly to cool materials. As of 2012, 94% of Elipso’s members use water in closed circuits to avoid wastage.

Air emissions are kept within very low, controlled limits. Companies, particularly those that use solvent-based inks and adhesives, have set up the recovery and processing of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Action on waste

Elipso’s members sort their industrial and production waste to channel it to the most relevant type of beneficiation. In particular, they work on separating the various materials to make recycling easier.

Companies have developed the internal recycling of their production scrap in order to reduce the amount of materials used and limit the transport of production waste.

As of 2012, 64% of Elipso’s members have set up measures to reduce the amount of packaging they receive on site and use to deliver their customers.