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A heading dedicated to the "last innovations and the trends" of ELIPSO member companies. Innovations that save time and deliver service and convenience, but also diversity, shapes, colour and clarity...

By Philippe CAHEN, Prospectivist

Farming and fishing: the research race

Let’s look ahead, say to 2035. The earth will be more polluted, temperatures will have kept increasing by 1 or 2°, the oceans will have risen 20cm, more acidic seawater is disorienting fish and insects bearing diseases like chikungunya are migrating north...

Reusable plastic packaging

Several types of product, each made with relevant technology, help to satisfy customers' requirements in terms of quantity under an optimised business model. The wide choice of production techniques for reusable plastic packaging means that it can be adapted to the technical and economic needs of different client sectors and the required products.

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