Innovations 100% useful and 100% sustainable

A heading dedicated to the "last innovations and the trends" of ELIPSO member companies. Innovations that save time and deliver service and convenience, but also diversity, shapes, colour and clarity...

By Philippe CAHEN, Prospectivist

Migrants in every direction.

If there's one weak single that outlines tomorrow's world – perhaps the world of 2025 or even 2020 as everything moves so fast – this is it.
Migrants move towards hope. In July a World Bank report showed that "hope" is now all over the world...

PET Packaging for liquids : an everyday necessity

We use PET bottles, trays and containers of all descriptions every day. Innovation, reduced environmental impact and consumer safety are major features of the plastic packaging produced by the companies that ELIPSO represents. Within our organisation, PET packaging manufacturers for liquid foodstuffs have set up the PET FORUM France and the PET FORUM EUROPE.

FUTURS #17 is just out!

The latest issue of FUTURS, the Plastic and Flexible Packaging Industry magazine is just out!

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